• visit https://taxpromax.firs.gov.ng to perform other stamp duty payments.
Stamp Duty Process
How to pay for Stamp Duties Description Additional Information
Step 1 Create your account or Log in using your existing account details on ISDS. Your email ID is a preferred for username.
Step 2 Search and select the stamp duty instrument from the SERVICES menu or MDA menu.
Step 3 Provide details of the transaction by completing the relevant fields including TIN and transaction amounts. The Tax Identification Number (TIN) of all parties involved in the transaction will be required.
Step 4 View the summary page for correctness.
Step 5 Make payments using any of the payment options. E.g. Debit cards, Credit cards, Pay at bank etc.
Step 6 Upon successful payments, ISDS will forward an electronic copy of the Stamp Duty Certificate to the current logged-in email address of the user.
Step 7 Log out or continue to process another stamp duty transaction.

Stamp Duty Process Flow Diagram.